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Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion

Incorporating equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) best practices in all aspects of the Adelphi Orchestra’s mission and vision is a strategic priority to ensure and enlarge upon the Adelphi Orchestra’s 67-year mission of “Music for All.”

The Adelphi Orchestra believes in a diversity of perspectives from all orchestra stakeholders. regardless of socio-economic disparities, race, gender, and age create better music and better community engagement with music. A long-standing commitment to creating inclusive environments helps us better serve and represent our community: EDI-friendly environments lead to the empowerment of both audiences and musicians and the advancement of shared opportunity and the many benefits of classical music experience.

The Adelphi Orchestra fully supports the position taken by the League of American Orchestra and urges all musicians, Board members, funders, and audiences interested in learning more to visit the League’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Resources Center, a free tool that includes several important readings, research, and examples within the orchestral field to find ways to ways to change existing discriminatory systems.

We stand behind the  League of American Orchestras, statement on racial discrimination.

Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion: About Us

Solidarity for Asian Americans

In solidarity with the League of American Orchestras, the Adelphi Orchestra is horrified and saddened by the recent violence toward the  Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community as it faces a terrible new wave of hate crimes and racism. These incidents come in the context of a broader, deeply disturbing trend of racism and violence that we’ve seen around the country, including here in the Tri State Area. While the scourge of racism is not new, there has been an alarming increase in violent and xenophobic acts toward Asians since the pandemic began.

To our fellow Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander colleagues, friends and audience members I want to reaffirm the Adelphi Orchestra’s  unwavering support: You are an essential part of our classical music art form and family, and we stand with you in your grief and alarm over the recent attacks and against the racist acts that are on the rise.  Racism and hatred have no place in America. These tragic events reinforce the urgency of actions we are taking within our orchestra to continue to advance our 68 year old mission of “Music for All” through diversity, equity, and inclusion within our field. 

Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion: About Us

Solidarity for Asian Americans
Michael Peng Violinist/Board Member

"As a member of the Asian American community, these recent events have affected me in a personal way. I have always found great support and acceptance in the world of classical music. The Adelphi Orchestra has always demonstrated values of inclusiveness from membership in the orchestra to the myriad of student concerto winners who’ve passed through our doors. In the many years I have been a player and board member of Adelphi Orchestra, I have only had great experiences and fellowship with other members of the orchestra."

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