Incorporating equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) best practices in all aspects of the Adelphi Orchestra’s mission and vision is a strategic priority to ensure and enlarge upon the Adelphi Orchestra’s 67-year mission of “Music for All.”

The Adelphi Orchestra believes in a diversity of perspectives from all orchestra stakeholders. regardless of socio-economic disparities, race, gender, and age create better music and better community engagement with music. A long-standing commitment to creating inclusive environments helps us better serve and represent our community: EDI-friendly environments lead to the empowerment of both audiences and musicians and the advancement of shared opportunity and the many benefits of classical music experience.

The Adelphi Orchestra fully supports the position taken by the League of American Orchestra and urges all musicians, Board members, funders, and audiences interested in learning more to visit the League’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Resources Center, a free tool that includes several important readings, research, and examples within the orchestral field to find ways to ways to change existing discriminatory systems.

We stand behind the  League of American Orchestras, statement on racial discrimination.



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